Masha Yakush

Hi, My name is Masha Yakush, and I really love  tableware. I work with restaurants, I travel in search of gastronomic discoveries and I believe that the way the dish served is as important as the  taste itself. Taste and emotions from a dish served on a rusty tray and brought in a high end designer ceramic plate are opposed. I worship the “esthetic”  food presentation. Together with  my artist Serge Payet (his works can also be seen on the Cartier Kiev showcases and at the art exhibition of the artist), we came up with several collections of handmade ceramic plates.

NU - a plate with natural phenomena and manifestations, nude collections.

MY - these are plates with author's drawings and design, brighter and more bold solutions.

RE - custom plates for HoReCa, which are made for your restaurant and individually designed.

Some of the plates are produced in Italy, at the factory that creates handmade dishes since 1967 - they are  stamped with "Made in Italy". We produce some plates in Ukraine, every piece is  handmade with great love to our clients. Plates are sold in sets of 4 pieces (two for soup and two for main course). Because every dish and every person need their plates.